About SRC

SRC Inc. (SRC is short for Silicone Rubber Contactor) is a Korea-based innovative developer and 

manufacturer of components and subassemblies for semiconductor testing equipment.


This is a list of SRC's representative products

Silicone Rubber Socket

Provides all types of rubber test socket: 

pitch, size, speed etc, that offer excellent test yields, 

and outstanding properties.

Burn In Socket

Provides broad range of solution for customer’s 

needs based on Silicone rubber Socket


Provides optimized physical and electrical interface with great contact stability for any type of rubber 

solution is applied

Manual Test

Provides customized 

testing solutions: Housing, testing JIG, and others.

GF Socket

Provides better RF performance, 

electrical & life cycle with flexible ground and 

wide contact surface.

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Addr. Ilsan Techno Town, 138, Ilsan-Ro, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-Si,

Gyeonggi- Do, Korea 10442 |  Biz License 141-81-26300